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Scalable maps rich in detail, ideal for veterans and beginners in the game. Videos can be super helpful when trying to extract in EFT as it can be very confusing if you are new to a map. Do your best to identify landmarks you know to navigate through Customs so you can extract. There is also a full guide of Customs map if you would rather see that overview. Escape from Tarkov Customs Exits Escape from Tarkov Statistics For iRedseven. Currently, iRedseven has 1,661,234 views for Escape from Tarkov across 163 videos.

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Not just 1 big logging camp and the rest just filler trees and fields! I’m not “new” to the game (175h) but I still play like someone who has 10 hours into the game and I’m absolutely loving it so far. Woods is a medium to large map in Escape From Tarkov with one major central hot-spot. Most of the action will take place in the middle of the map surrounded by woods, but many of the extraction points can be found on the outskirts of the map.

Today we'll guide you Woods is a location in Escape from Tarkov. It is the third location that was added to the game.

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I’m not “new” to the game (175h) but I still play like someone who has 10 hours into the game and I’m absolutely loving it so far. Woods is around a medium-large sized map great for long-range battles. If you are looking to practice your sniper rifle, this is a solid map choice.

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I did some research and compiled all information regarding new woods map into a new map. feel free to build from here as this is not my map or location tags just added tags to map with true north. Escape from Tarkov Woods map extraction points A large, outdoor map, Woods has a huge number of extraction points to learn. Remember that you’ll only get access to some of them each game, depending on where you spawn and whether you’re playing as a Scav or PMC. Lately, I have been really enjoying sniping on the woods map, taking advantage of the expansion to get long range engagements But due to the maps new size Tarkov Woods expansion map guide in patch 12.9. With the last wipe day in 2020 Escape From Tarkov got a big woods expansion map update. Today we’ll … The only sniper scav that spawns on Woods is located in the mountains above Rock Passage extract. With the map being expanded we believe the developers will add additional sniper scavs to the map.

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Escape from Tarkov Customs Exits Escape from Tarkov Statistics For iRedseven. Currently, iRedseven has 1,661,234 views for Escape from Tarkov across 163 videos.