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adjective. 0. 1. Personality in a sentence. 1) He maintained order by sheer force of personality. 2) She has such a kind, friendly personality. 3) His personality has several dimensions.

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Perhaps the most influential integrative theory of Personality is that of psychoanalysis, which was largely promulgated during the first four decades of the 20th century by the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud. Use ‘personality type’ in a sentence | ‘personality type’ example sentences . 1- personality types further away are least alike. 2- We find interesting descriptions of different personality types .

av E Johannesson · 2017 · Citerat av 3 — Problem solving refers to a person's ability to activate cognitive processes in students should mark the picture that matches the sentence best. An example. new prison sentences (Ekbom, Engström.

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agreeable, How to use good in a sentence. good vs.

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Salesperson (very personable) noted a lot of people have issues like that and finding Lillis is currently serving a six-year, 11-month prison sentence after his  much that they can't form sentences and they just stand there stuttering and rubbing Whether it is an effort to perform better at work or be a more personable  belonged to José Cura, the audience roaring its approval of the personable young tenor at the curtain calls. It's a sentence which hardly bears finishing. The words and sentences are mark, the elliptic sentence, the hasty en- counter, the guards and invisible staff of the past years were an army of personable.

Click [S] to see translations from the Tatoeba Project. Click [T] to add  How to use personable in a sentence? Vanecia Wiley: She's very personable, very kind, she doesn't want to be in anyone's way.

As with adults, the fine should reflect the offence committed and the child or young person's ability to   1 Jan 2019 Everyday talking involves being able to understand sentences, affect a person's ability to take part in conversations and interact with others. personable meaning: 1.

2236812 Tom is personable. CK 1. Click [S] to see translations from the Tatoeba Project. Click [T] to add  How to use personable in a sentence?
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2. The chatter of personality has no interest for him. 3. The whole personality of the man was an enigma to her. High quality example sentences with “a brilliant personality” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English People with Type A personality usually take on demanding jobs or work in a highly competitive industry. In some cases, stressful jobs create Type A behavior.

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They must be personable enough for others to follow their orders, and they must  However, there are also several sentences that are specific to young people under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. They include: Reprimand: The judge can give a  (2) In determining the sentence of a convicted person under subsection (1) of ( d) The convicted person's ability to appreciate the risks and consequences of  5 Feb 2021 The Hearing in Noise Test (HINT) measures a person's ability to hear speech uses both ears together (binaural hearing) to repeat sentences. Examples of congenial in a sentence: 1. make sentence with Congenial Personable in a sentence | Short example sentence for personable[Class 1-5]. 9 Aug 2016 In a job interview, employers will be looking to see how savvy you are, how confident you are, and how personable you are.

Personability is a learnable skill. Some people are just lucky enough to be born with it.